Chalk Blending Tutorial

Hi makers! It’s Ashley from @prettypoppydesign and today I’m sharing a tutorial for chalk blending on a wood slice. 


multi colored Wooden Slice Boss decor with kassa chalk markers


In this sample project, I’ve used a black vinyl design as a border, and colored the design in with blended liquid chalk. You can do this technique without a vinyl border and simply blend your design all the way to the edge of the wood slice, but the vinyl outline gives it a bold, clean finish.


Materials You'll Need 


Kassa chalk markers and wooden slice material


Step 1

Use a vinyl cutting machine to cut out a design for your wood slice. I recommend a design with larger open spaces like the inside of my letters, because it’s easier to apply the liquid chalk and blend. Weed the design and apply Kassa transfer tape to lift the design.


Kassa black vinyl on cricut mat


Step 2

Apply the vinyl decal to the wood slice and use the squeegee to press the design firmly onto the wood slice. Peel up the transfer tape, being careful not to pull up the vinyl design. You want it to adhere firmly so the water and chalk don’t seep out.


Wooden Slice with Kassa vinyl and transfer tape


Step 3

Wet one area of the design using your paint brush.


Painting using a brush inside kassa adhesive vinyl on wooden slice


Color in that area using the chalk markers and blend with a paint brush and water as you go. Don’t worry if you get chalk on the vinyl design, we’ll touch that up later in the tutorial.


Coloring on a wet surface with kassa chalk markers


In my design, I started with the pink and yellow in the top left corner of the B and blended those two colors before moving on to the next color. To blend, simply apply two colors next to each other, wet your paint brush, and brush the water back and forth over the two colors until the line between the two is blurred.


Painting with a wet brush over kassa chalk markers blending colors


Don’t worry if the first layer doesn’t blend very well. For the best results, you’ll want to add 2-3 layers. Each layer will be easier to blend as you go.


Step 4

Once you’ve applied a few layers of chalk, you’ll need to clean up whatever chalk you got on the vinyl design (unless you somehow managed to do this without getting chalk on the design, in which case you are a wizard and you must teach me your ways!). I recommend using a damp (not dripping wet) paint brush, or a damp q-tip to gently wipe the vinyl. The chalk should lift up easily, just be careful not to smear it onto the wood outside of the design.


Using a q tip to wipe off extra paint from kassa vinyl edges


That’s it!  Kassa has a variety of colorful chalk markers and vinyl, so the possibilities for this technique are endless! If you try this project, be sure and tag @prettypoppydesign and @kassa & use #kassamoment for a chance to be featured!


Kassa chalk blending project on a wooden slice

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