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Creating Animal Wall Decals

Creating Animal Wall Decals

I'm always looking for new ways to keep my little one entertained while I work from home. She has an expansive third floor playroom with all of the bells and whistles but I can't get her to play quietly for more than a few minutes.

Chalkboard and Whiteboard Kids Decor

Until, I added these decals to the wall. Now she will play happily for quite a while. She enjoys being able to "draw on the wall" and I love the fact that it wipes away so easily.

Wall sticker product essentials

For this project I combined both the Whiteboard and Chalkboard Contact paper from Kassa. They both stick to almost any flat surface and can be easily removed. 

whiteboard and chalkboard rolls

After cutting out the parts of each animal in the coordinating color, I attached the main pieces together before applying to the wall. I find that its easier to line everything up  when done this way.

chalkboard penguin vinyl art

Next, I apply the largest part of the decal to the wall. Use a credit card or scraper tool to really press it onto the surface of the wall and remove any bubbles.

Now you can add in the smaller details like eyes, beaks and feet! I used small pieces of colored vinyl for some of the details.

write on wall decals

These are so fun as wall decor but they come with the added bonus of being a fun activity for kids as well!

When you're tired of them or if you want to change them up, you just peel them off and start over with a clean wall!

finished kids room decor

Happy crafting!


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