Customized Patriotic Party Cups

Hi, friends! Kayla here from Kayla Makes with a quick and easy, patriotic DIY. Keep reading and I'll show you how simple it is to use Kassa adhesive vinyl to turn plain disposable drinkware into fun, customized party decor.


Kassa adhesive vinyl stars & stripes cup decor

Materials You'll Need

    Step One: Design Set Up

    To begin, upload the stars and stripes SVG into Design Space and then use the shapes tool to create multiple sizes of stars and duplicate them until you have enough to cover the number of cups you plan to decorate.


    kassa vinyl design idea in cricut software ready to be cut and printed


    Step Two: Load and Cut

    Place the sheet of vinyl on the cutting mat with the colored side facing up and load the mat into the machine. Double check that the correct blade is loaded and the machine is set to the vinyl cut setting. Then, press the flashing start button to begin cutting.


    Kassa blue adhesive vinyl sheet being prepped in cricut cutting machine


    Repeat this step for each color of vinyl.


    Step Three: Weed Images

    After cutting is complete, remove the excess vinyl from around the designs using a weeding tool where necessary to remove the smaller pieces.


    wedding kassa adhesive blue vinyl stars & stripes design

    Step Four: Apply Transfer Tape/Transfer Images

    Apply a piece of transfer tape over the vinyl and use a scraper tool to apply pressure over the entire design.


    stars & stripes kassa blue vinyl design on transfer tape


    Align the decal onto the cup and press down firmly using your fingers or the scraper tool again. Carefully remove the transfer tape, leaving behind just the vinyl decal on the cup.


    kassa red vinyl applied to a clear cup using transfer tape


    The stars can easily be placed by hand. Just peel them away from the paper backing and place them around the cup.


    kassa red vinyl cut out into shapes of stars


    apply a blue star on a clear cup made from kassa adhesive vinyl


    Alternate applying red, white and blue stars until the cup is covered.


    clear cup decorated with star shaped kassa vinyl sheets


    That's all there is to it! You can even add a festive paper straw for an extra pop of color.


    kassa red white and blue vinyl cup decoration diy project


    These cups are a great way to add a bit of customization to any party and they're much more affordable than their pre decorated counterparts.

    Kassa patriotic vinyl sheet decor project


    If you try this project, be sure and tag @kayla_made and @kassa & use #kassamoment for a chance to be featured!

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