Pumpkin Shirt Design with Kassa Heat Transfer Vinyl

Hey there, my name is Carmille from Carmille And Stuff and I'm here to show how you can create a pumpkin themed custom shirt design using HTV vinyl. The vinyl can be machine-washed so your design will never get faded over time. Kassa just released this BRAND NEW vinyl and I'm so excited to create with it!

Materials you'll need:

  • Any blank shirt (cotton or polyester fabrics work best) 
  • A Pumpkin SVG (Free Download HERE) )You can always make your own design in Procreate.
  • Kassa Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets 
  • Scissors 
  • Heat press or an iron 
  • Weeding tool and 
  • Teflon sheet (included in HTV pack)

Step 1

Start with uploading a design to your procreate app and adding lettering or more drawing for more cool designs.

Step 2

Once done, upload your design to Cricut design space 

NOTE: (if you wish to layer them, remember to save and upload your design ONE BY ONE to design space)

Step 3

Place and cut the vinyl (plastic facing the mat) design by color, one by one. Make sure to remove the blue protective film. Place this side face up. 

NOTE: don’t forget to click MIRROR setting before cutting!

Step 4

Carefully weed the excess vinyl using the included weeding tool

Step 5

Prepare the shirt by running a heated heat press or iron on it for about 10-15 seconds.

Step 6

Place the design where you want it on the shirt. Make sure the clear transfer film is facing up. Cover with teflon sheet and press heat press/iron with medium pressure for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 7

Wait for the plastic to cool, and you can peel the transfer tape film off! 

NOTE: If the design and the transfer tape do not separate, just put the teflon sheet back on and apply more heat. Wait for it to cool and try again.

Step 8

Layer and repeat the process until your desired design is completed! You can use scissors or tweezers to help you with the peeling.

Step 9

And.. that’s it! You can run and press the heat press on your design, covering with the teflon sheet, for about another 10-15 seconds to remove any moisture from the shirt

If you use this tutorial to make your own DIY creations with the Kassa heat transfer vinyl be sure tag @carmilleandstuff_ & @kassa or #kassamoment for a chance to be featured! 

Happy Halloween! 🎃



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