Fine Tip Neon Chalk Markers (10 Pack)

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  • Write and draw with high quality vibrant chalk ink.
  • Colors: white, yellow, purple, pink, red, blue, green, orange, gold, silver
  • Works & erases on non-porous surfaces like chalkboards, windows, & glass. 
  • 3mm double sided chisel & bullet tip. Great for broad strokes & small details
  • Markers are dust free, non-toxic with water-based pigment. Will not smudge
  • Widely used for chalk lettering, wedding signs, milestone boards & so much more.

    Fine Tip Neon Chalk Markers at Kassa

    Looking for exclusive quality chalk markers to create beautiful labels for storage containers, keep track of grocery lists, or create dazzling signs at work? At Kassa, we have a robust collection of fine tip neon chalk markers that are designed to look bold and bright on various surfaces. Available in 10 colors, our fine tip neon chalk marker set is an ideal option if you want to draw or write with vibrant and colorful chalk inks. Whether you want to write colorful menus, decorate wine glasses, or create eye-catching menu boards at home or office, our markers are perfect to use.

    A time has come to replace the old dusty chalks with Kassa’s fine tip neon chalk markers!

    If you want to write small details or you want to draw with broad strokes, all you need is to use our fine tip neon chalk markers. They are perfect to use on non-porous surfaces such as windows, doors, glass, or chalkboards. They are water-based and consist of a non-toxic formula that is not only environment-friendly but is safe for use at homes as well. The best thing is this market set is packed with two extra reversible chisel and bullet tips. You just need to pull the tip out, flip it, and create amazing artwork.

    Many big brands are using neon chalk markers to create stunning signs? Want to do the same but in a creative way? Get the ultimate freedom of expression by using fine tip neon chalk markers at Kassa!

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    Kassa Fine Tip Neon Chalk Markers (10 Pack) Review
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    Kassa Fine Tip Neon Chalk Markers (10 Pack) Review
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