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DIY Father's Day Card Tutorial

DIY Father's Day Card Tutorial

Hi Friends! It’s Chrystal from @chrystalizabeth here to share a fun and easy DIY tutorial for your next Father’s Day card that will surely make him smile! :)

Materials you’ll need

Step 1

Cut your watercolor paper to size 6”x9”. Then fold in the middle so that the final size is 4.5”x6”.

Blank Kassa watercolor paper folded in half

Step 2

With your pencil, lightly draw a circle right in the center. The one I did was around 3”x3”.

Drawing a circle on Kassa watercolor paper folded in half

Step 3

Grab your watercolor paint and using the flat brush included, paint inside the circle. I chose blue, but feel free to choose any color.

Painting a circle with blue watercolor paint from Kassa

Step 4

Take your small water brush pen and draw lines that are similar to sun rays all around the circle that go to the very edge of each side of the card. I used the three different shades of blue that are included in the watercolor palette.

Blue watercolor paint on kassa water paper pad

Step 5

Cut a piece of the chalkboard vinyl. Around the size of 5”x5” and on the back, use your pencil to draw the shape of a trophy. I recommend using the graph lines to keep it as symmetrical as possible. I used my pencil but then outlined it with a black marker so you can see the shape easily.

Kassa chalkboard contact paper with drawing of trophy on the back of the vinyl

Step 6

Carefully cut out the shape of the trophy. I ended up having to use two different sizes of scissors because of the small areas where the handles are. But you can also use an X-acto knife to make things easier.

Kassa chalkboard vinyl cut out in the shape of a trophy next to blue watercolor artwork

Step 7

Take the backing off the trophy and place the chalkboard vinyl trophy as close as possible to the center of the circle.

Kassa chalkboard vinyl trophy cutout on top of watercolor art painted with kassa watercolors

Step 8

Start coloring in the majority of the trophy, except the very bottom rectangle shape, using your gold metallic chalk marker.

Drawing with metallic gold chalk markers on top of kassa chalkboard vinyl

Step 9

Take your silver metallic chalk marker and outline the bottom rectangle shape.

Coloring with Kassa silver chalk marker on top of chalkboard contact paper

Step 10

Then once the trophy is dry, take a scrap piece of chalkboard vinyl and apply some of the black chalk marker liquid onto it by pressing the tip onto it. Then take your small water brush pen and letter the words “Happy Father’s Day” onto the trophy cup.

Brush lettering on top of chalkboard vinyl that was decorated with gold chalk markers

Step 11

And on that same scrap piece of chalkboard vinyl, take your silver metallic chalk marker and do the same and use your water brush pen to letter the phrase “#1 DAD” inside the bottom rectangle.

writing number one dad with kassa metallic chalk marker silver color

And that’s it! Your card is almost complete. Now you can add your own personal message inside.

Kassa DIY Fathers Day project

Hope you enjoyed this project! If you use this tutorial to make your own DIY Father's Day card be sure to tag @chrystalizabeth & @kassa or #kassamoment for a chance to be featured.

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