Watercolor Baby Milestone Cards

Hey mamas, Darra here! When your new bundle of joy arrives, you cannot wait to fill your feed with adorable photos of them! Every month, when they hit that new milestone of being an entire month older, you want to share that happiness with the world. Instead of buying the same old monthly milestone cards or stickers that you always see, you could make your own unique ones with the Kassa watercolor set!

Baby milestone board card with watercolor Kassa

Preparing The Cards

Take a sheet of watercolor paper out of your pad. Measure out with a ruler to get 4 equal sized pieces. Put a line directly down the middle on the short and long side. Each section will be 4.5” x 6”. After you get all the pieces measured out, cut them out with a pair of scissors or a paper cutter. You now have 4 separate cards! Repeat this 2 more times to get a total of 12 cards, one for each month!

Kassa watercolor set DIY project

Watercolor Wash Background

Now it’s time to paint your background! Think about what colors you want to use. They can be all the same, or each one can be different! Take your Kassa water brush and prepare your pans (there’s a past blog about the best way to do this if you need help). Once your cakes have softened a bit you’re ready to paint! When I do backgrounds, I like to use the wet on wet technique, which just means that you wet your paper with just water first, then you add your colors! This helps the colors blend together nicely. After you’re happy with your background, wait for it to completely dry.

Kassa watercolor set DIY project

Adding the Lettering

Once the background has totally dried (make sure it’s 100% dry or the lettering can bleed) you’re ready to add the lettering! Each card will be for a different month, so letter “one month”, “two months”, etc. If you’re not comfortable with lettering, you can always use stencils or even letter stickers! Take your water brush and dip it in the black paint pan, letter with it right on top of the background like you would with any other piece! There’s an entire past blog about lettering with a water brush if you need some help

Now you’re ready to take those adorable monthly pictures of your precious little ones! In the video below you can watch me make a couple cards. If you try out these techniques, post your creations on Instagram and tag us with the hashtag #kassamoment!

baby milestone cards with kassa watercolor set


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