How To Make a Thanksgiving Chalk Sign

Thanksgiving is on its way! We all love decorating our homes and getting into the holiday spirit. DIY and crafty projects are the most fun at this time of year. There’s so many different decorations you can make with chalk markers, but themed door hanging chalk boards are one of my favorites!

thanksgiving decor with kassa chalk markers

The Board

There are chalkboards with holes in them that have twine already available for hanging. Alternatively, you can just make your own sign out of cardboard and cover it up with the chalkboard vinyl. Then put two holes at the top and thread some twine into it!

kassa chalk markers chalkboard pens

The Lettering

For this board I decided to write the phrase “give thanks” but sayings like “gather”, “thankful”, “happy thanksgiving”, and “Be grateful” would work as well. There are a few simple ways to letter with chalk markers and there are many ways to blend them. I’ve sketched up a few easy styles that would work great for this project. Feel free to use them as a reference and letter freehand. Otherwise, you print them and cut the letters out to use as a stencil! An easy way to transfer designs onto your board is to place the sheet of paper down on your board, so the design is facing upwards. Then take a pencil or something with a pointy tip, and trace over the design completely. When you pick it up, there will be a light pencil sketch on your board!

The Leaves

To finish off your new board, you can add some leaves or simple florals to make it even more detailed! Fall is such an amazing time for these kind of designs because there is so much beautiful foliage out there! Walk around outside and see what kind of leaves inspire you or just use some simple designs I've attached that have an autumn vibes! Feel free to use them as a reference or use the above techniques to trace them onto your board.

In the video below you can watch me make my own “Give Thanks” board. Remember to have fun with it! This is a way for you to get in the spirit and do something different! We would love to see your creations, so if you try it out tag us using the hashtag #kassamoment so we can take a look!

- Darra






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