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Hey painters, Darra here! The Kassa Watercolor Set comes with everything you need to start watercolor painting and lettering, including 3 water brushes! What sets water brushes apart from an ordinary brush is that the water is actually inside of the brush! This means that they make painting so much easier, especially painting on the go!

How to set up your brush and palette:

The first time you use your water brush you have to fill it with water. Just twist off the cap and put it under the faucet! If you’re having a hard time getting the water inside, squeeze the brush on the “push” section. That helps the water flow in easier. Once it’s full, screw the brush back on and give it a few squeezes to make sure it flowing nicely.

Take your brush over to your watercolor palette and squeeze a few drops of water onto each color you’re planning on using. Wait about 2 minutes to give your palette a little time to prepare. This helps the paint loosen up a bit and makes it easier to get started!

Watercolor set watercoloring lettering practice guide

Mixing up your paint:

After your pans have been prepared, take your brush and mix those drops of water into the pan. If the paint seems a little thick, you can just squeeze your brush a little bit and add more water! Once it gets to a consistency you're comfortable with, rinse your brush and move on to the next color. (You can either rinse in a cup of water or squeeze a few drops of water out and wipe with a paper towel.) Repeat those steps for every color you’re planning on using!

Kassa water brush pens hand lettering with watercolor

Preparing Liquid Paint:

For lettering, it’s a lot easier to have your paints in a liquid form. This makes it easier to just dip your brush and letter! Take your brush and rub it on one of your prepared colors, then take that color and put it into one of the empty wells on the other side of your palette. Squeeze your brush to add some water to the mix! This also “rinses” your brush for you so you can move right on to the next color! Check your mixture on a scrap of paper, if it’s too light, add more paint. If it’s too dark, add more water. Once you get the perfect mixture, you’re ready to letter!

Kassa watercolor set water brush paint lettering

Lettering with a water brush:

You’re now all prepared and ready to letter! You want to remember that you never want your water brush to be dripping wet, you just want it to remain damp. If your brush starts to feel dry, hold it over your palette and squeeze it to dampen it. If you squeeze it over your work, you could end up with a bubble of water and that wouldn’t be good haha. When lettering you want to push lightly for the upstrokes and a little harder on the downstrokes. In calligraphy, the upstrokes are always thin, and the downstrokes are always thick. When I first started, I would say it aloud with every stroke, “thin, thick, thin, thick”. It made it a lot easier for me to remember. You can even start out with some basic strokes, just going up and down, thin and thick, before you even start making letter forms. Once you start working on words, focusing on one word helps a lot! I like to letter the same word over and over again when I’m practicing, that way I’m just focused on those few letters instead of them all.

brush lettering with kassa watercolor ste

In the video below you can watch me do a few basic strokes, and then practice lettering the word watercolor! Remember, practice makes progress! Watercolor Lettering takes a lot of practice, so don’t get discouraged if it isn’t looking exactly how you want it to at first. You’ve got this!



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