Handmade Thanksgiving Place Cards

Hey everyone, Darra here!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'd like to share a simple project you can do for the holiday. One way to add a special and personal touch to your thanksgiving table is be a making each guest a personal place card! Even if it’s just your immediate family, it still makes the event a little more memorable than your regular nightly dinner. Also, it can add a pop of color and beauty to your table! The Kassa watercolor set has everything you need to make these (other than a ruler and scissors)!

kassa watercolor set water brush pens diy watercolor project

Turning Watercolor Paper into Tented Place Cards

You can cut sheets of Kassa watercolor paper to make the tented Place Cards! You want to measure each piece out to be 6” x 3”. An easy way to do this is to put a line down the page (on the long and short side) every 3 inches. When you cut them out, make sure they are one 3” square wide and two 3” squares long. That way you will have a 3” by 6” rectangle! Fold the paper in the middle, long ways, and you have a little tent with a 3”x3” square on each side. One side is your front and on is your back.

diy watercolor art project

Watercolor Wash Background

Now take your Kassa watercolor palette and water brush, I like using the medium or large brush for backgrounds, and dip it in an autumn tone color. This palette has a lot of beautiful warm and neutral tones that fit into this color scheme! Chose around 3 like colors and put them on the front of your place card until it almost fills the space. You can leave a small white border on the edges to give it a more polished look. Sometimes when the background is almost dry I like to go in and add a few more drops of color. This gives you some brighter tones that don’t get mixed in with the others and also adds some texture!

diy kassa watercolor set project

Adding the Names

Wait for your cards to completely dry and then you can add the names of your guests! I like using the dark brown instead of the black, just to keep up with the autumn color palette. Use your small water brush and get some paint from your palette. While lettering, remember to keep the upstrokes thin and the down strokes thicker. You can do this by applying more pressure when you’re doing a down stroke. There’s a blog all about lettering with the Kassa water brush so feel free to read that for more tips!

diy kassa watercolor set project

Now you’re all ready for thanksgiving! Arrange them on your table in each guest’s place and it will be something special I’m sure they will cherish. In the video below you can watch me make a few. If you try this out you can tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #kassamoment to make sure we see it!


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