Chalk Marker Lettering Effects

Hey everybody! This week we wanted to introduce you guys to some techniques for creating different chalk marker lettering effects. We've partnered up with Teela from Every Tuesday who helped create an intuitive guide showing all kinds of ways you can use our chalk markers while lettering. We couldn't be more excited! Follow along with the instructions and the video to recreate this on your own. Be sure to also download the practice sheets underneath the video!

Materials You'll Need

List of the chalk marker effects:

Be sure to follow along with the video to see how each effect is created and download the cheat sheets needed here:

  1. Highlight & Shadow Cheat Sheet
  2. 3D Block Letters Cheat Sheet

1. Block Letters

Write out your base word. In this case it is "chalk". Then add an outline on the outside and  on the inside of that base word to create a consistent block lettering look. 

2. Block Letter Outlines

Add an outline around each block letter using a different colored chalk marker (white is shown).

    3. 3D Block Effect

    Make your block letters stand out even more by making them 3D! Refer to the cheat sheet above to see how the outline falls for each letter and try to replicate it for your own lettering.

    4. Script Depth

    Using your paintbrush with a little bit of water, pull the chalk ink away from areas that are being overlapped throughout your script word. These open areas is where the black chalkboard peaks through and will give a 3D look to your script lettering.

    5. 3D Block Letter Shading

    Shade in your outline with at least 2 different colors to simulate depth even more. Refer to the 3D cheat sheet below for color placement.

    6. Ombré Effects

    Grab a color that mixes well with your base color (yellow on top of pink is shown). Pump out some chalk marker ink in an open area of your chalkboard. Using a paintbrush, pick up that new color and begin painting on top of the base color, thicker at the top, then mixing with the base color as you move down to create a gradient effect.

    Note: Be sure to wipe off any excess chalk from your paintbrush in between switching colors

    7. Fine Highlights

    Reference the highlight pink cheat sheet above. Pump out some chalk ink and use a paint brush to make a fine, thin line on the outside of your script lettering, creating a highlight effect. You can use the white color as shown and any color you want.

    8. Floating Shadows

    Reference the shadow cheat sheet above and paint a thin line, leaving some space between the edge of the letters and the shadow line. This gap is what will create a floating shadow effect. 

    9. Inline

    Recreate your base lettering inside block lettering (single line letters), or use dots (as shown) or any other pattern you like.

    10. Paint Streaks

    Pump out 2 similar colors to your your base script lettering. Use your paintbrush and the brightest of the two colors to randomly paint streaks inside the base word. Next, grab your second color and repeat the same process for a cooler effect. 

    Cleanup excess chalk marker ink:

    Once you are done with your lettering project be sure to erase any excess chalk ink puddles on the side of your chalkboard. The chalk ink is water soluble so you can use a damp cloth or a Magic Eraser.



    If you use Kassa chalk marker to create some of these chalk lettering effects in your own artwork be sure and tag @everytuesday and @kassa & use #kassamoment for a chance to be featured!



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    Hi, This was really interesting to read, I enjoyed every minute of reading this amazing blog on chalk marker

    Rachel James

    Rachel James

    I really liked your article. I would surely try these techniques for creating different chalk marker lettering effects with my all-time favorite Cedar Marker which helps us create unique, modern art in vibrant shades.

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