Brighten Up Your Winter W/ Watercolor Flowers

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What better way to brighten this gloomy winter (for those of you on the east coast) than with some vibrant flowers? Here are some of the prettiest watercolor flowers submitted by our community of creators.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Kassa Watercolor Set

@kiera038 starts out by using the orange, magenta and red watercolors to draw flower buds in a messy narrow pattern. Next, she draws poppies using the red watercolor around the buds. She then uses the green watercolor to connect the buds and flowers together with stems, adding leaves all around as you go. She is able to easily control how much water she wants to use for each part of her drawing with our pens. She adds a few more smaller poppies and finally, she adds her finishing touches to the poppies and buds using the navy watercolor. These flowers are brightening our day already.

@nickykumarart took on the challenging task of creating cherry blossoms. She starts by creating soft petals using the magenta watercolor. She uses a little color with more water to get a much lighter, softer color. She adds more color to the inner petals as she goes, creating an ombre effect. She uses the brown watercolor to add a branch connecting the flowers. Finally, she fills in the center of the flowers using the most magenta and least water here. And then uses the turquoise to create the effect of a blue sky behind the blossoms. Stunning!


@colorshow creates a beautiful tropical hibiscus using the orange, yellow, red and green watercolors. She starts by using the orange watercolor to create the base for her flower. She then uses the yellow and red watercolors to add depth to her flower. She starts by using the red to outline the top of her petals and yellow to highlight the inside, to create a beautiful peach color. She then takes the red watercolor to create the stamen inside. She then takes the yellow to create a bit of a yellow backdrop for the flower. For those of you dealing with cold weather, this flower will sure warm up your day!


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