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Our Fave Five Milestone Boards (That You Made!)

Our Fave Five Milestone Boards (That You Made!)

Milestone boards are the perfect decoration for any birthday party ages 1-100! They’re the perfect way to personalize the party and set a theme. Last year, our amazing community of Kassa creators submitted a few truly creative and unique milestone boards that we wanted to share with you all. We’ll be honest, most milestone boards aren’t easy to create, but we found a few boards for each level of difficulty.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project

1 & 2 are easy boards that work for any age. They’re simple yet gorgeous. Remember, even the most simple milestone board can elevate a party. Board #1 was created for a 50th birthday party and we think it’s absolutely perfect. It’s fun yet not too over-the-top or childlike. @letterme added an additional touch to the board with accent vinyls at the top.

Board #2 is another non-traditional board created for a 1st birthday party. It’s minimalist, but has a pop of color throughout without being too over-the-top. Most toddler milestone boards are busy, but this board shows you that they don’t have to be.

We included Board #3, which was made for a 25th birthday party, to show you that milestone boards are perfect for people of all ages! She used pink and purple markers and accented them with blue, yellow and white. Cute!

The baby who received Board #4 is one lucky baby! This particular board is for a 1st birthday party with a Winter Onederland theme. We cannot tell you how much we love a punny theme and this board! This is a more traditional board, but it looks awesome! She used white throughout which helped set a winter vibe, but added hints of pink so it doesn’t get too cold. ; ) And she accented the board with white snowflakes. Our hearts are melting.

The fifth and final board is more traditional, but oh so lovely! We loved this 1st birthday milestone board for so many reasons. The hand-lettering is elegant, the colors make it pop without being overbearing, and the accents of flowers really make it special. The level of difficulty on this one is of course “hard,” but it’s definitely worth a try.

Did we mention how amazing our creators are? Thanks for submitting these, guys! Now go wish someone a “Happy Birthday” by creating a milestone board of your own!

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