DIY Chalkboard Lettering


Kassa makes life that much simpler when it comes to DIY chalkboards. Here’s a simple guide on how you can use the Kassa Chalkboard Vinyls as a temporary chalkboard. The Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl is so versatile and is the perfect surface to work on. In this blog I’ve included some simple, yet effective tips on how you can keep your writing and designs looking nice and straight.

When preparing for my sister’s Gender Reveal party, I wanted a pretty glass chalkboard for a game we were playing, but didn’t want to paint on my glass with permanent chalkboard paint. Instead, I opted for Kassa’s chalkboard vinyl so that I can easily remove it after the party.

What you will need:

  • - A sheet of glass. I used this one similar to this, but it can be a window, a sliding door, a piece of cardboard, or pretty much any flat surface.
  • - Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl
  • - Kassa Chalk Markers (or even just the chalk that is included in the Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl)
  • - Ruler
  • - Scissors

Kassa Arts & Crafts supplies for drawing on chalkboard

Here’s how I did it:

Step One: Make sure your piece of glass or window is clean. Cut out a piece of Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl to the size that you want. I love that the reverse side of the vinyl are gridlines so that you can cut straight without having to rule lines.

Cutting along the grid of the Kassa Chalkboard vinyl

Step Two: Peel back the vinyl, just a small portion will do, and fold back the backing paper. Adhere just the exposed vinyl, making sure that it is straight for the remainder of the vinyl.

Peel the rest of the vinyl back, section by section, and using a ruler or your hand, make sure that vinyl adheres straight. Remove any bubbles using your hand, using a sweeping motion.

Peel Backing Paper off Kassa Chalkboard sticker

Step Three: Use a ruler, measure out how you’d like to space your lettering. Use a Kassa liquid chalk marker to place dots on the glass as guidelines. Kassa liquid chalk markers rub off glass surfaces very easily with a dry tissue, so cleaning the guides off later will be a breeze. Do the same to the other side.

Step Four: Choose your colours – Kassa liquid chalk markers come in a range of colours. If you prefer the traditional chalk, the Kassa chalkboard vinyl comes with traditional chalk too! 

Chalkboard Markers and Chalkboard Vinyl

Step Five:  Using a ruler, match your dotted guides that you prepared earlier.  You can now draw or write out your design, without having to rule lines! The possibilities are endless!

Writing on Chalkboard using the white Kassa chalk marker

Half way finished with chalkboard sign

Step Six: After you’re done, use a dry tissue and gently remove the guides from the glass.

Erasing the Kassa chalk marker outline

How to make a DIY chalkboard sign

- @letterme


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