Laptop Art With Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl & Chalk Markers

Laptop Art With Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl & Chalk Markers

Hi, crafters! Kayla here today to show you two ways I used Kassa's chalkboard contact paper + chalk markers to turn my laptop into a functional writing surface.

Easy Application

Kassa chalk markers chalkboard decal

(1) Use a vinyl cutting machine to cut your desired shape out of the chalkboard contact paper. *If you're a Cricut user the vinyl setting works perfectly.

Kassa chalk markers diy vinyl decal chalkboard

(2) Peel the vinyl away from the backing and apply to your laptop. You can remove it and reposition it several times, it doesn't lose stickiness!

Kassa white chalk marker chalkboard vinyl for laptop

(3) Use the chalk markers to write down reminders, inspirational quotes or just to doodle!

Kassa chalkboard markers blackboard sticker


Advanced Application

If you're pretty familiar with your machine and good with a ruler you can try your hand at this next laptop decal.

Kassa chalkboard vinyl laptop decal

(1) Start again by using your vinyl cutting machine to cut out the decal. Just measure the lid of your laptop and measure the apple logo. Combine the two together in your design program of choice and cut.

Kassa blackboard decal for laptop vinyl art

(2) Peel the decal away from the backing and carefully center the design on your laptop lid. Smooth down the sides, pushing air bubbles out as you go.

Kassa chalkboard decal and chalk markers for blackboard

(3) Use Kassa's chalk markers to personalize your computer whenever you feel like it!

Kassa chalkboard decal with white chalk markers laptop art

You can add a simple phrase.

kassa chalkboard sticker chalk markers

Or, color to your hearts content! Kassa chalk markers flow beautifully and wipe away with a damp cloth so you can change the look of your laptop anytime!

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