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Halloween Decor Idea: Chalkboard Cupcake Toppers

Halloween Decor Idea: Chalkboard Cupcake Toppers

Today I have a fun way you can use Kassa's chalkboard contact paper to make cupcake toppers!

Chalkboard cupcake toppers DIY

These spooky Halloween themed cupcake toppers were created using kraftboard + chalkboard paper. So, they're nice and sturdy but also super fun to decorate. Let me show you how easily these came together.

(1) Start by cutting circles out of the kraftboard

circle cutouts for chalkboard cupcake project

The kraftboard I used is 0.4mm thick but you can also glue a couple of circles together if you want a thicker backing.

(2) Cut the same sized circles out of the chalkboard paper

You can trace the circles using everyday things like cups and just cut them by hand.

(3) Draw on the chalkboard circles with the chalk markers

chalkboard contact paper circle cutouts

I like to do my drawing before peeling the stickers up. It gives me a nice, flat surface and I can go over the edge without worrying about messing the design up. I am not the best freehand artist but you could really have fun with this step!

Allow the chalk marker to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

(4) Attach chalkboard circles to kraftboard circles

halloween decoration cake topper chalkboard

Since Kassa's chalkboard paper has an adhesive backing you can just line them up and stick them together!

(5) Attach dowels or skewers with hot glue

gluing circles for chalkboard project

Use a little hot glue to attach a wooden dowel, skewer or even a popsicle stick to the back of the chalkboard/kraftboard circles.

(6) Add to cupcakes!

cupcake topper diy chalkboard

That's it! You now have handmade cupcake toppers that you can fit to any occasion. These would be super cute when customized for a wedding, baby shower, birthday party etc.

Happy crafting!