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Repurposing an Old Message Board

Repurposing an Old Message Board

Sometimes you can find great items in the clearance section of home decor stores. That's exactly what happened to me yesterday when I found this message board for only $5.

upcycle message board for chalkboard and whiteboard vinyl

The frame was in rough shape and I definitely did not love the artwork on the glass but I instantly had big plans for this fun find.

(1) Repaint Frame

painting an old message board for vinyl restoration

After wiping down the frame I gave it a fresh coat of crisp, white paint.

(2) Replace Whiteboard

whiteboard sticker roll to cover old surface

Next, I used whiteboard vinyl to re-cover the whiteboard section of the message board. It was scratched up a bit and I wanted a fresh, clean look. Just measure the whiteboard area then cut the same size piece of vinyl and apply it.

(3) Cover Center with Chalkboard Vinyl

chalkboard vinyl to cover old message board

Now, I want to cover up the unsightly artwork in the center with something more my style. I chose chalkboard vinyl paper.

peel and stick kassa chalkboard covering any surface

Measure the area to be covered and cut the chalkboard vinyl to size. Apply it carefully, using a credit card to remove any bubbles.

(4) Hang and Enjoy

I hung the newly refreshed message center in our kitchen because that's where we enter and exit the house. The kids can leave reminders for mom and mom can make sure the kiddos aren't forgetting last night's homework!

- Kayla

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