Label Gifts with Chalkboard Stickers

Label Gifts with Chalkboard Stickers

Today, I'm showing you three ways to enhance and personalize your gifts using sticky chalkboard paper!

(1) Chalkboard Labeled Gift Box

chalkboard label for gift packaging

Cut a fancy label out of chalkboard vinyl and apply it to a gift box!

(2) Chalkboard Labeled Teachers Gift

chalkboard sticker in classroom teacher blackboard labels

Add a chalkboard label to a small bucket, fill it with classroom supplies and it instantly becomes a thoughtful teacher's gift.

(3) Gift Bag Tag

kassa chalkboard sticker chalk board decal label

For this gift bag tag I stuck together two sheets of chalkboard vinyl and cut out the shape I wanted. This gives you a double sided tag that you can simply attach with a clothes pin or use a hole punch and add a ribbon.

I love adding chalkboard vinyl to my gifts. I think it adds a level of personalization without a ton of effort.

Happy crafting!


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