Faux Chalkboard Art with Kassa Transfer Tape

Faux Chalkboard Art with Kassa Transfer Tape

Fall is upon us and today I'm getting into the Autumn spirit by creating faux chalkboard lettering using white vinyl and Kassa transfer tape!


Here's what you'll need:

  1. Vinyl Cutting Machine

  2. Kassa White Vinyl

  3. Weeding Tool and Scraper

  4. Kassa Transfer Tape

  5. Blank Chalkboard


Kassa Transfer tape for vinyl with cricut

(1) Set up and cut out your design. I chose a gorgeous "Welcome Fall" SVG.

(2) Use your weeding tool to weed out the unwanted pieces of the design, leaving behind just the words and flourishes.


Kassa Vinyl transfer paper tape

(3) Cut a piece of transfer tape large enough to cover your entire design. The grid lines on Kassa's transfer tape are so helpful when it comes to lining things up straight.

(4) Use your scraper tool to burnish over the entire design really well. Use firm pressure and go over it several times to ensure a good stick.

Kassa transfer paper for vinyl application tape

You can see how well the transfer tape picks up the vinyl. This stuff doesn't mess around!

Kassa vinyl transfer tape for vinyl cricut silhouette

(5) Center your design on the chalkboard and use your scraper tool again to transfer the vinyl from the tape to the chalkboard surface.

(6) Peel away the tape to reveal a perfectly transferred vinyl decal!

Kassa chalkboard lettering with transfer tape for vinyl

Kassa's transfer tape is sticky but not SO sticky that it won't let go of your vinyl. It's the perfect combination!

Kassa transfer tape

Now use your newly created sign to bring a little bit of Autumn inside and prepare for everyones favorite season.

Happy crafting!


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