Back to School DIYs with Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers

Back to school season is in session, and it’s an important time for every teacher, parent and student. To make back to school a bit more entertaining for everybody, you can just add some chalk markers! With chalk markers, you can create anything - from welcome back signs to labels. It’s important that everybody has a smooth transition back to school, and these DIYs can help with that!

Welcome Back Signs

For the teachers, a great way to make your classroom seem friendly and welcoming is by creating a welcome sign! To do that, all you need is some chalk markers and any sign covered in chalkboard paint, vinyl, or maybe even glass. Take your surface and write anything you want with the liquid chalk markers! You could write “Welcome Back!” and leave it at that, or take it an extra step and decorate the rest of the sign with school related images (pencils, graduation caps, apples.) Make it as welcoming as possible! 

DIY back to school sign with kassa chalk markers

Decorations for the Children

If you want your child to feel special on the first day, you can create a special sign for them. It’s the same concept as the welcome sign, although the sign can be as big or as small as you want it. On the sign, you can write down their favorites (favorite food, favorite color), what school they’re going to, what grade they’re going into, and much more! This is a great way to really capture the moment of the first day of school, plus it gives you something cool to post on Instagram.

chalkboard sign for back to school with kassa chalk markers


To make organization easier in a classroom, you can create labels to mark tables, bookshelfs, cubbies, and much more. You can click here to see our previous tutorial on how to create labels, but they can be used for virtually anything. It also adds some color to your classroom! Parents can also create labels for folders or notebooks.

school chalkboard sign with bright liquid chalk markers

There are also many other diys that you can work with, such as creating customized notebooks for your children or students. Back to school shouldn’t be stressful, it should enjoyable for everyone! These DIYs are great for everybody and really bring in the new school year!


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