Fall Inspired Wedding Decor

Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means? Weddings on weddings on weddings! We partnered up with a few amazing creators to give all of you some fall-inspired DIY wedding creations all made using Kassa tools. From a bright vinyl sign to a classy chalk marker sign, these creations got us excited (not stressed by) fall wedding season!

Fall Vinyl

@electriceunice will get any bride falling in love all over again with this bright fall-inspired vinyl sign! It’s a perfect sign that can work anywhere. It’s also perfect to use for an engagement shoot announcing your fall wedding!



First, create the design on iPad Pro in the Procreate App and with an Apple Pencil. If you’re going to use different colors of vinyl like Eunice did for the florals, leaves and lettering, work in layers to isolate them for the Cricut cutting process.

Load the design into the Cricut Design Space and measure out how big you want each piece. With red and orange flowers, green leaves and white lettering, Eunice had to make several different cuts with the 4 different color vinyl sheets.

Run the vinyl through the Cricut and cut designs. Then mark up the acrylic on top of the protective layer since  you’ll eventually peel that off, and use Kassa transfer tape to transfer the vinyl florals, leaves and letters onto the acrylic. And lastly, peel off the back protective layer.

Acrylic Welcome Sign

@lettersanddust made a classy chalk marker sign that says goodbye summer and hello fall. This sign is beautifully outlined in black giving it a tasteful and upscale feel, but still offers the brightness that comes with the beginning of fall!



Map out diagonal lines with a ruler. Add your writing. Add the florals by outlining them with black, then fill in with blue, purple, pink and peach Kassa chalk markers for a retro vibe.

Cocktail Sign 

@theblondescribe created a cocktail sign that is fall itself. Not only is it featuring the most fall drink of all time (cider), but copper color mixed with white chalk markers gives it a luxe feel perfect for rustic and classic weddings alike.  



Take an 8 x 10 acrylic sign and copper spray paint to spray one side of the sign (that will be the back of the sign). Use the white Kassa Chalk Markers for the lettering, (Dana used the chisel tip). She did the initial words and then went back over the down strokes to give the letters a calligraphy look. Then use the red, yellow, brown and orange markers to create the polka dot bottom border. She used one color at a time and did more polka dots at the bottom and sparingly placed them under the last line of lettering to give it a cascade effect.


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