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DIY Vinyl Notepad Art

DIY Vinyl Notepad Art

A fresh year and a fresh start requires nothing short of a fresh notebook. Made by you.  The lovely @lettersbyshells shared how she used Kassa Transfer Tape & Vinyls to create a notepad that truly inspires.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Step 1: Use a ruler to measure the surface you want to apply your decal to, creating guidelines.

Step 2: Use your calligraphy pen/marker to create a beautiful hand-lettered design. @lettersbyshells hand-lettered “Choose Happy” as her source of inspiration for the year ahead! But you can of course design anything you like.

Step 3: Use your phone to scan your design and send it to your computer. Open it in your Adobe Illustrator and save it as an SVG. Then add it to your Cricut Design Space.

Step 4: Make sure your design is placed exactly where you want it in the Cricut program. Then you’ll be prompted to take your vinyl sheet and place it on the Cricut mat. Insert it into the Cricut Maker and press Go!

Step 5: Once it’s finished cutting, remove the mat and cut off the part with your design and save the rest of the unused vinyl for another project! Begin removing the excess vinyl sheet surrounding your design.

Step 6: Take your Kassa Transfer Tape and cut off a piece that the same size as your vinyl design. Remove the back of the tape and place the sticky part over the tape. Use a credit card to press down over the top of the tape to ensure that it sticks! Peel the transfer tape off (the vinyl should be sticking to it. If it isn’t, go over it again with the card.)

Step 7: Apply the transfer tape to the place you want it on the notepad, using the card to go over it again to make sure it sticks.

Step 8: Remove the tape and watch as your plain notepad turns into something inspirational!

transferring vinyl lettering using vinyl

choose happy transfer paper vinyl artwork

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone continues to feel inspired to create in 2018!


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