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Using Kassa Transfer Tape & Vinyl Sheets for Decal Projects

Using Kassa Transfer Tape & Vinyl Sheets for Decal Projects

Using vinyl sheets and transfer tape is a new and easy way to decorate your items. The process is easy if you have the right materials, and that can all become possible with our vinyl sheets and transfer tape. It doesn’t take too long to create some artwork with vinyl, here’s the steps to creating a customized clipboard with vinyl sheets and transfer tape:

1. First, make sure you have all materials. All you need is Kassa Vinyl Sheets and Transfer Tape, any craft knife or Cricut tools, and any pencil or pen.
2. Next, lightly carve your design onto the vinyl sheets with a pencil or pen. This is for an outline so it becomes easier to work with the vinyl and when the vinyl is being cut out, the outline relieves the stress of having to make sure that every cut is perfect.


Kassa transfer tape and vinyl sheets for decal rojects

3. Then, use the craft knife or Cricut tools to cut out the carved design from the vinyl. Make sure to cut the design on a surface where the knife won’t scratch anything but the vinyl.
4. Once the vinyl is cut out, it’s time to use the transfer tape. Cut out a strip of transfer tape that is long and wide enough to capture every piece of vinyl that you cut out. Place the tape onto the cut out vinyl shapes and use the guidelines on the tape to line up the shapes.

            Kassa transfer tape to easily apply your vinyl crafts

    5. After the vinyl is on the transfer tape, place the tape with the vinyl on whatever surface you’re working with, in this case, it’s the clipboard, and flatten down the vinyl so it sticks perfectly to the surface. Carefully remove the tape, making sure that the vinyl doesn’t leave with the tape, and you have your piece!

    Working with vinyl and transfer tape has never been easier! Our transfer tape is just sticky enough to perfectly transfer every piece of vinyl onto another surface but not so sticky that it doesn’t transfer any vinyl at all. It’s a great way to craft! Check the full video instructions below:


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