Memorial Day Inspired Brush Lettering

Hello friends, in honor of Memorial Day coming up this weekend, the Kassa brand ambassadors created some inspiring brush lettering artwork.

Watercolor memorial day artwork

Materials you'll need:

All you need to create your artwork is the Kassa Watercolor Set. It comes with all the essential materials including:

  • Water Paint Brushes
  • Watercolor Pad
  • Watercolor Paints

Brush Lettering Idea 1:

Our good friend Maggie from The Lettered Things blended her message to create a beautiful ombre look for her artwork. 

Step 1

Write out a message like happy memorial day in any font you want using a pencil on the watercolor pad. This will serve as a guide to follow while you paint.

pencil sketch for memorial day lettering on kassa watercolor pad

Step 2

Sticking with the Memorial Day theme, Grab a water brush and paint over your writing with the red watercolor. Take your time and follow along the outline you made

red brush calligraphy using kassa watercolor brush

Step 3

While the red paint is still drying, add a dark blue color to paint over the bottom half blending the colors together. Adding the blue paint to the wet layer of paint on the paper produces a soft, diffused look as the colors mix

blending watercolor brush lettering artwork


Brush Lettering Idea 2:

Katie from studio.katie went all out and filled the entire page with Memorial Day decorations around her message

Step 1

Write out your message. This time you can use one color and add more water to the bottom of the letters making them look lighter. You can also add a small black outline to make the lettering really pop

blue memorial day lettering with kassa

Step 2

Add some flowers to the top of the page as a way to honor our fallen soldiers

painting flowers with the Kassa watercolor set

Step 3

Add a banner with the words "remember & honor" in black ink and paint some red and blue fireworks around the page

decorating fireworks in red and blue kassa watercolor paint


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy lettering! If you use this tutorial to make your own Memorial Day inspired brush lettering artwork be sure tag @kassa or #kassamoment for a chance to be featured


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