How To Make Fancy Chalkboard Signs

Hey everyone, Darra here! If you’ve been to a hobby lobby lately, I’m sure you have seen those fancy chalkboard signs with the high price tag. They are so cute, but who wants to drop $70 on one? Not me! So here’s an easy method to make your own chalkboard signs, with no lettering experience at all.

Print your Words Out

Go on your computer or tablet to a program like Microsoft word or google docs. Type the word or phrase you want to have on your sign. Chose the font you want the final design to be written in. Make sure it’s the same size you’re planning on having on your sign. I wanted larger lettering, so I set my font size to 160. Now print that out on regular printer paper!

Turn it into a Stencil

Now we’re gonna turn that piece of paper into a chalk stencil! This part is super easy. All you have to do is cover the back of the page with a thick layer of regular chalk. I just used a piece of crayola chalk from my sons chalkboard, any chalk will do.

Transfer your Stencil

Tape your design to your chalkboard, lettering side up, chalk side down. If you don’t have a chalkboard set aside that you want to use, you can use Kassa chalkboard vinyl! You can stick it right to the wall, or even stick it on a piece of cardboard! Bam, you have a sign. After your stencil is taped to your surface, take a pencil or ballpoint pen and trace around the lettering. Push decently hard, so that the chalk will transfer in to the board. After you trace the entire word or phrase, pull the stencil off.

Fill in the Outline

Now you have an outline of those words lightly on your board with chalk. Take a Kassa chalk marker and go over the outline and fill your words in. That’s it! You now have your own professional looking chalkboard sign with no lettering experience at all.

In the video below you can watch me work through this process step by step. If you try it out, share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #kassamoment for a chance to be featured!



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