Homemade Holiday Decorations

Homemade Holiday Decorations

Is there any better way to show off some sweet and imaginative holiday spirit than with a diy project? Afterall, the most cherished decorations are one that we make ourselves. 

Here are some of our fave creations made with our products:

Wooden Slice Ornaments

Wooden ornament Kassa vinyl decoration

Nothing says personal like the ornaments on your christmas tree and wooden slices are all the rave. 

Beautifully made by @theadornedfox 

Product: Vinyl Sheets

Holiday Drinking Glasses

kassa vinyl project holiday drinking glasses

Spice up your holiday party by adding some entertaining messages on your drinking glasses. Your guests will surely love.

Made by @thecraft_scraps 

Product: Vinyl Sheets

Decorative Gift Wrap

Decorative gift wrap for the holidays with chalk markers

You can also write custom messages on your wrapping paper  🎁 ✍🏼

Project by @zoetryandletters

Product: Metallic Chalk Markers

Christmas Tree Drawing

Draw a christmas tree sign on glass for one of a kind holiday decor.

By the talented @addmanilla

Product: Chalk Markers

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