DIY Halloween Starbucks Cups + Free SVG

DIY Halloween Starbucks Cups + Free SVG

Hey, it’s Jamela from by Pink with an amazing Starbucks & Halloween inspired tumbler tutorial you can make using Kassa vinyl. 

Materials You'll Need 


Step 1

Apply the acetone to your paper towel or cotton and remove any words you might have on your cup using a circular motion


Step 2

Download the SVG file. In your cutting machine software resize the images to 4 inches and cut


Step 3

Remove from the mat and weed out the voided areas


Step 4

Remove from the mat and weed out the voided areas. It should look like these when you are done: 



 Step 5

Cut a piece of transfer paper that is slightly bigger than the size of your design. Peel off the backing backing from the transfer tape & gently place it over the black witch design. 



Step 6

Use your scraper to get rid of any air bubble by placing it middle of the design and sliding it outwards, towards the edges. This will push all the trapped air out.




Step 7

Lift the transfer tape so that it grabs the vinyl design at the same time. 


Step 8

Place the transfer tape with the black witch design on top of the orange circle. It is important to use transparent transfer tape so that you can see how you are aligning different layers. You can also use the grid as a guide to make sure you place it down straight.  



Step 9

Using the scraper, press on the transfer tape so that there are no bubbles and it sticks to each layer. 



Step 10

Peel the transfer tape so that it grabs both layers of vinyl.



Step 11

Place the design onto your cup. I like to secure the middle first, then 1 side at a time. 


Step 12

Again use the scraper to press the design down to the cup. Then you be able to peel off the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl design on the cup. 


Step 13

You're all set. You can go around showing off your new custom made cup everywhere. Just make sure to hand wash the cup each time.



We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  If you use this guide to make your own Starbucks Cup or Halloween decorations be sure tag @jamela_bypink @kassa or #kassamoment for a chance to be featured!


For your free SVG click HERE 🎃

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