Fall in LOVE - Handmade Cricut Fall Decoration Idea

It’s officially Fall, ya'll! I’m Megan from Lovebird Heartworks and I am SO excited to share this project and FREE SVG that I created just for you!

Materials you'll need: 

Step 1

Start by downloading the LOVE - Fall Leaves SVG and upload into your cutting software. Adjust size for your project. There are some fine details in this image so I suggest using a larger sized sign

Step 2

Cut your design and remove from your cutting mat.

Step 3

REVERSE WEEDING - This image has some fine details so I highly suggest using the Reverse Weeding technique.
A. Trim your Adhesive Vinyl creating a small border around the cut image.
B. Cut a piece of Transfer Tape slightly larger than your image.
C. Apply the Transfer Tape over the ENTIRE piece of Adhesive Vinyl.
D. Using your Squeegee/Scraper Tool burnish/smooth your project so there are no air bubbles.
E. Remove from backing.
F. Weed away everything but the design as you typically would, only this time the design will be stuck to the transfer tape and you don’t have to worry about those tiny little details coming up as you would if you were weeding the traditional way.

Step 4

 Apply your weeded design to your blank sign and burnish/smooth again.

Step 5

Remove Transfer Tape.

Step 6

Stand back and enjoy your new Autumn decor!!
I hope you’ve fallen in LOVE with this project. If you followed this tutorial or  used the Kassa pastel chalk markers to make your own colorful artwork, be sure to tag @Lovebird and @kassa with the hashtag #kassamoment to show us your ideas – we cannot wait to see your creations! 





Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?



Love your products 😍

Regina Redwood

Regina Redwood

Im confused video to fast.



Love it! Where do you get cheap blank signs like that?? Thanks!

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