Different Ways to Decorate Your Stationery

Chalk markers can fulfill many of your needs. They can provide for your artistic as well as your business needs. Liquid chalk markers can also help with decorating your inventory by making your items bright and stand out! Using chalk markers to decorate your stationery is not only fun, but can also be extremely useful since the markers can help you keep organized. Here are three different ways to use chalk markers and chalkboard contact paper to decorate your stationery and make it unique! 

Notebook Covers

To create notebook covers using Kassa supplies, here are the steps:

  1. First, measure the surface of your notebook. That will be important in figuring out how much contact paper you’re going to need to cover the front (and back, if you choose to) of your notebook. Make sure the contact paper covers every surface you want to decorate.

  2. Next, cut out the amount of contact paper you measured.  If you want to, cut some extra paper out to wrap around the inside covers of your notebook for extra durability.

  3. Then, once you’ve positioned your contact paper, peel off the back of the contact paper and stick the paper on the surface of your notebook.

  4. Finally, once the paper is positioned and stuck on the notebook, decorate your notebook using our liquid chalk markers. Write a message, draw a picture, do anything you want. Just be creative!

*If your notebook can support chalk markers without contact paper, skip all the steps that involve applying the contact paper and just start decorating your notebook with liquid chalk markers!

Plastic Pencil Cases

You can use chalk markers to draw on pencil cases.

  • If the pencil case doesn’t support chalk markers or the chalk markers fade easily from the material, line the surface of the pencil case with chalkboard contact paper. After the case is lined, continue by decorating the pencil case with liquid chalk markers.

  • This may also work with soft covered pencil cases if the material supports the chalk markers, but it may take some extra effort to draw on the pencil case.

  • Use the chalk markers to write a message, draw on some designs, or come up with your own idea and bring it to life with chalk markers!

Chalkboard Cut Outs

You can also use chalk markers and chalkboard contact paper to create decorative cut outs to place on your stationery. This is similar to creating labels for your items. These cut outs can be placed on your notebooks, journals, or any other flat surface, even your wall! Here are the steps to creating these cutouts:

  1. First, draw a design with pencil on the back of the contact paper. Make the design as decorative as you want, but make sure you can write on it with chalk markers later on.

  2. Next, cut the design out using the outlines on the back of the contact paper.

  3. Then, on the cut out design, begin decorating it with chalk markers by drawing whatever you want on it. The cut out can be used as a label or it can just be used as a decorative ornament.

  4. Finally, once your cut out has been decorated, peel off the back of the contact paper and place the design anywhere you like.

Now, you have a decorative working space!

Chalk markers can also be used to decorate other types of stationery, such as marking pencils with different colors or decorating rulers, but these three types of decorations can really make your inventory stand out. Don’t forget to use your imagination!

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