Personalized Coffee Mug Project

Kassa transfer tape is easy to use and provides an alternate way of placing vinyl on any surface. Our brand of transfer type is different from others because we provide transfer tape that is sticky enough to easily pick up the vinyl but not so sticky that the paper is difficult to remove from the surface. We provide some of the best transfer tape and vinyl around.

DIY Vinyl Art

When we first launched the product we wanted to make sure that we had the best quality product. We reached out to the talented Kayla Makes so she can test out our product creatively. Now we can prove just how well our transfer tape and vinyl works with the given tests below (see Kayla’s blog post here)

Test 1: Cutting the Vinyl 

Kassa Transfer Paper Vinyl

The Kassa Transfer Paper & Vinyl Sheets are compatible with Cricut and Silhouette machines. You can see in the image above that there are no skipped areas in the cuts and the vinyl paper is easy to cut through with the proper vinyl cutting tools. 

Test 2: Weeding the Vinyl

Kassa Transfer Paper Vinyl

The vinyl shown above weeded very easily with no mistakes at all. Our vinyl paper is very precise and easy to manage, and that can really come in handy whenever you’re conducting an art project that requires the utmost precision.

Test 3: The Stickiness of the Transfer Tape

The transfer tape easily lifted the vinyl off of the board. It was sticky enough to grab the vinyl and leave nothing behind. The grid lines on the transfer tape are also extremely useful and can help with lining up your design so it becomes easier to transfer the design onto your desired surface. It only takes one swipe to completely transfer the vinyl onto the tape. Our brand can also catch up on thin lines and pick those up on the transfer tape. In the bottommost image, it is clearly shown how well our transfer tape picked up the design, leaving behind no cuts or tears.

Test 4: The Application

The application is quick and smooth. All you have to do is place the transfer tape on the surface and the vinyl sticks right away. In this case, to make the application easier, the mug was warmed up with hot water while the vinyl was cut and weeded and then the hot water was poured out, which left the mug nice and warm. That made the vinyl go on nice and smoothly.

Overall, our transfer tape offers a convenient way to create arts and crafts using vinyl, find out more here!



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