Our mission is to encourage creativity by supplying the world with our unique & colorful products. We believe artistic expression enriches people’s lives in countless ways. When we started with our first product in 2014, the Kassa chalk markers, we saw how they promote individuality, provide a therapeutic outlet, encourage thinking outside the box, and be a way to give and connect to other people. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate with new products and expanded into vinyl crafts & watercoloring tools. Every day, our customers amaze us with their personal, meaningful, and unique creations. Here are some examples of their inspiring Kassa stories:

Artwork by @lovenestcreations

Special moments of your life should be celebrated. Artwork by @lovenestcreations chalkboard sign helps a family create lasting memories with their newly adopted son

New beginnings are meant to be celebrated.

Artwork by @customername

Creativity has therapeutic benefits, promoting happiness and relaxation. As one Kassa customer puts it - “As a first time stay at home mom, painting helped to “get away” while my daughter slept. it felt cathartic to just paint and relax.”

Artwork by @jtbiggers

Every party must have decorations.

Artwork by @jtbiggers welcome sign adds a personal touch to make this party one of a kind

It’s not a party unless there are decorations.