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Everybody loves to decorate the outside of their refrigerators. Many of us cover the fridge with magnets from destinations we’ve traveled to or magnets that hold pictures of our our childrens’ latest drawings from school. Others like to add a small calendar or a to do list to the magnets. All of these are great ideas, but they only work if the fridge doors are magnetic.

Maybe you rent an apartment and didn’t have a say in what fridge you were going to get. Or maybe, you purchased a fridge but didn’t pay enough attention to what the fridge can do. Nowadays, many new refrigerators are no longer magnetic. Whatever the case may be – if you are stuck with a non-magnetic fridge, using magnets to decorate is out of the questions. You can’t leave the fridge empty either – it can be a huge eye sore in the kitchen. So what do you do?

We came up with an easy DIY project that uses our peel-and-stick chalkboard paper to create your own chalkboard fridge. It’s a fun and easy project that you can do with the whole family.

Chalkboard Fridge DIY Instructions

  1. Measure your refrigerator. Make sure you have enough chalkboard roll to cover it in full
  2. Mark where you have to make cuts on the chalkboard contact paper to make sure it doesn’t overlap the handles. Use separate pieces for the fridge and the freezer. You’ll want to make sure you can open the fridge door comfortably
  3. Peel the backing off the contact paper and slowly stick it to the fridge
  4. Start drawings and writing away. There are tips and tricks that can let you chalk like a pro.

We use our chalkboard fridge for anything from: posting messages, artwork, calendars, shopping lists, love notes, and to do lists you want others to see or that you don’t want to forget. What will you use your chalkboard fridge for? Be sure to take a picture of what you’ll create and tag us on social media. We may just share it! 🙂