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Kassa Chalk Markers can provide for a lot of your artistic needs. They’re easy to use, do not leave a mess behind, and are fun to work with. These markers also provide a variety of bright colors to make your creations pop. Colors included in each package are: blue, red, and yellow, and they leave behind vibrant and bold marks. Here are several ways to use these chalk markers to decorate any party or event that may be coming up for you!

Seating Charts/Name Tags

Kassa chalk markers can be used to decorate seating charts or name tags. All you need is some cardstock or any surface that is compatible with chalk markers. Using the chalk markers, write the name of your guests on whatever surface you’re using, whether it is cardstock, chalkboard, or vinyl. If you’re making a seating chart, make sure to include table numbers and any other important information you may need. Now, you have a bright and colorful guest list! If you want to take it a step further, continue decorating with chalk markers by creating designs, such as tiny flowers or hearts, to accompany your lettering and make your guest list even more decorative!                                                                                                                                

Decorative Balloons

If you have the time (and patience) to decorate some balloons, then this is for you! This easy craft can quickly brighten up a room.

    1. First, you have to blow up your balloons. Start with one balloon and blow it up to whatever size you need.
    2. Next, hold your balloon down in place so you can easily write on it without popping the balloon. Make sure your balloon was little to no wiggle space and that the balloon is positioned in a way that makes decorating with chalk markers extremely easy.
    3. Then, just use your Kassa chalk markers to write down any message you want on the balloon. It doesn’t even have to be a message, it can be as simple as an image. Get creative!
    4. Finally, just repeat steps 1 through 3 for the rest of your balloons. Decorate the room with your finished balloons and now you have a fun and decorative party!


You can use Kassa chalk markers to create some welcoming banners. Check out our previous tutorial on how to create pennant banners using chalkboard contact paper and chalk markers. You can also create other types of banners using the same materials and following similar steps as shown in the tutorial. Use your imagination!

Teach Classroom Chalkboard Banner


There are also many other things that you can utilize chalk markers for, such as creating signs to advertise an event or even just using them to create some beautiful artwork to display. Chalk markers can be very useful when you least expect it!