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It’s wedding season! Chalkboards are becoming a popular wedding décor addition that are simple and can be used in a number of creative ways. Everyone also loves DIY projects. Sometimes, the smallest designs that are made by hand are ones that your guests will notice and remember forever.

Whether you or someone you know has a bit of an artistic hand, you can easily make unique chalkboards for wedding designs. You can arrange a seating chart, decorate a ‘gift box’ where your guests will place their gifts, or make a banner!

Over the weekend, I decided to make a chalkboard pennant banner and wanted to share it with everyone!

Supplies you need to make a chalkboard pennant banner

5 triangle shapes printed on regular paper
Hole puncher
Ribbon or string
Glossy paper or cardboard paper

Steps to make a chalkboard pennant banner

  1. Unroll the chalkboard contact paper. Then tape the papers with the triangles to the back side where the grid is showing.
  2. Using your scissors, cut along the outline of the triangles. Then, peel the adhesive backing off the chalkboard and paste it onto the glossy paper (or cardboard paper). Lastly, using a hole puncher, make two holes, one on each side, on the top of each triangle.
  3. Decorate each chalkboard triangle using the liquid chalk markers. I went for a simple and elegant look and used only the red and white markers. Give it a few minutes to dry!
  4. Take the ribbon or string and put it through the triangles. Now, just hang up your banner wherever you like!

A chalkboard pennant banner is a great way to add uniqueness to your wedding decorations! You can always all more flags to your chalkboard banner and create anything you like. Be sure to share it with us on social media!