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Birthdays are a milestone in everyone’s life! Your child’s first birthday is a once in a lifetime event which is so special. What better way than to celebrate?! One of the newest and creative trends is using chalkboard milestone boards. It’s a unique way for you to express your child’s likes and dislikes, achievements, best moments, etc. And this is a way for you to show your child’s impact in your life! You can finally express your creative side and allow everyone a part of your life to celebrate with you!

There is no right or wrong way to make chalkboard milestone boards. Anybody can make it. You can use a poster board or cardboard and cover it up with chalkboard vinyl. Just use scissors to cut off the extra pieces and save them for a future project. Once that’s set, just use chalk markers with stencils or draw freehand to decorate. They are bright and colorful and are easy to draw with. Being an artist here is not necessary!

Some things to include in your chalkboard milestone board: “Firsts” such as first laughs, hiccups, words. “Loves” such as animals, toys, bubble baths. This is your chalkboard! Be creative and frame them for later!

Here are some chalkboard milestone boards made with our products

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