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Liquid Chalk Markers can be used for a variety of things. They can provide for decoration, personal needs, and even business needs! Here are 10 different ways that chalk markers can be used for day-to-day needs.

  1. Decoration: One of the main uses for chalk markers is decoration. Decorations include banners, coloring or creating drawings, or creating colorful designs for display. Since our chalk markers come in a variety of colors, decorating is easier than ever! The different colors that our chalk markers come in can help your creations stand out.
  2. Advertising: Chalk markers can be used on chalkboards, windows, or any other space to create signs and advertisements for local businesses. Advertisements can include signs to promote sales, menu boards, or signs to discuss specials for the day. Usually, the advertisements can be displayed on a chalkboard stand outside of a store or the advertisement can be displayed on a glass window since chalk markers are compatible with glass. chalkboard menu designed with liquid chalk markers
  3. Welcome Signs: If you have a wedding, party, or any type of event coming up, chalk markers can help with that. They can be used to create huge signs to welcome your guests and show them where the event is going to be held at, as well as other important information. You can also use chalk markers to create welcome doormats, but the material may be harder to draw on.
  4. Tags: If you have chalkboard contact paper, you can use the paper and the chalk markers to create different types of tags. These materials can be used to create dog tags, luggage tags, or other types of identification tags. This can be extremely useful for marking or labeling your items.
  5. Calendars: You can use any type of chalkboard surface (preferably chalkboard contact paper) and chalk markers to create a calendar such as the one shown here. You can get as creative with the coloring as you want to and the good thing is that this calendar will always be reusable, just change the dates every month.
  6. Stationery: Chalk markers can be used to decorate various types of stationery. Check out our previous blog to see how to decorate notebooks, surfaces, and pencil cases. However, chalk markers can also be used to mark and decorate pencils, pens, clipboards, and much more. You can also use chalkboard contact paper along with the markers to help with decorating your items.
  7. Gifts/Gift Bags: Chalk markers can also be used to decorate blank gift bags or gift boxes. If the surface of the gift bag or box is already compatible with chalk markers, then you can just start drawing on the surface right away and customize the bag for whoever you’re giving to. If not, use chalkboard contact paper to cover the surface of the gift and then draw with chalk markers. This idea gives a fresh new look to your gift and can appeal more to the person who you’re giving the gift to. Gift decoration using Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers
  8. Labeling: Chalk markers and any vinyl chalkboard surface can be used to create labels for jars, cans, or any other item. Labels can be used for organizing your items, which is easy to do and keeps all of your items close together.
  9. Education: Teachers can use chalk markers in class to make learning more entertaining for children. Chalk markers can be used to create hall passes, lesson plans on chalkboards, first day of school signs, and much more. Chalk markers can make a learning environment more fun to work in and the kids themselves can even use chalk markers in an art class to express their creativity and use it as a new medium. chalk markers for teachers
  10. For Fun: Chalk markers can be used to create artwork for whenever you’re bored or want to take up some time by doing something. They can be used on many surfaces and they are easy to work with. You can definitely kill some time by brightening up your day with chalk pens! ;)