Spotlight: Variety Pack White Chalk Markers

Spotlight: Variety Pack White Chalk Markers

Hello! My name is Milly, I’m the person behind @blinklettering.  Today, I'm going to show you several projects you can make with with Kassa's White Chalk Markers Variety Pack including a rustic reusable place names, a mini menu board, and a winter window display. I'm going to be using all 5 different tip sizes that are including in the new variety pack to make these DIY creations. Lets get started!  

Reusable Place Name

Follow along the step by step guide below:
Start by painting a woodslide using chalkboard paint. Let it dry for at least 60 minutes. You may need to do 2 coats.

Letter the person’s name using the 1 mm white chalk pen.

Thick up the lines using the 3mm White Chalk Pen

Add a ribbon through the pre-drilled hole for decoration.

These add something extra special to a place setting for dinner parties or special occasions. They can be easily reused over and over again, simply wipe of the name using a damp cloth.

Mini Menu Board

Follow along the step by step guide below:

Start by creating a template for your lettering using masking tape.

Use a chalk pen or a standard chalk to light sketch out your words. It’s great to start out with chalk like this first as it can be easily rubbed out.

Trace over your letters with the Liquid Chalk Markers

Thicken up the downward strokes on the word menu to create a faux calligraphy style.

Use the 1mm Chalk Pen for the block capitals. The masking tape and the pre-sketch letters helps keep this consistent in size.

Carefully peel off the masking tape making sure you don’t smudge any of the text.

In the empty space add in botanical illustrations.

This menu board stands up so it can be easily displayed to show off the lettering and botanical illustrations.

Winter Window Display

Follow along the step by step guide below:

Start by cleaning the window thoroughly on the side that you are intending to draw on.

Print out snowflakes at various sizes and stick them to the side of the window you aren’t drawing on.

Using a variety of sizes trace the snowflakes on to your window.

Remove the template sheets from the window.

Add in dots in the empty space to look like snow.

Admire your beautiful window display. The great thing with snowflakes is they look brilliant from both sides. The white chalk looks great in the day and at night!

Hope you enjoyed these DIY projects you can make with the Kassa variety pack white chalk markers.  If you use this tutorial to make your own DIY creations with the Kassa vinyl be sure tag @blinklettering & @kassa or #kassamoment so we can see and spread the watercolor love! 


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