Santa Countdown Board

Santa Countdown Board

Hey crafters, Kayla here today to show you this easy DIY using Kassa chalkboard vinyl!

(1) Start with a blank square of wood and a roll of chalkboard vinyl

Kassa chalkboard blackboard sticker wallpaper

(2) Paint the wood red and add Santa's belt using a strip of the chalkboard vinyl

(3) Gold Belt Buckle

Cut a small square out of gold vinyl for the belt buckle and a second large square out of the chalkboard vinyl. Place the gold square on the center of the belt and place the chalkboard square at the top of the board.

(4) Fill in the letters

Grab a chalk marker and write "days until santa" underneath the chalkboard square cutout. The white color marker works really well here.

Kassa chalkboard blackboard sticker wallpaper white chalk markers

(5) Be sure to countdown the days until Santa comes!

white chalk marker liquid Kassa chalkboard blackboard sticker wallpaper

This little DIY takes less than 30 minutes and is great for kids! It's easy enough for them to complete almost all of the steps without help. Change up the colors and you could make these for any occasion! How cute would a kids birthday countdown be? So cute!

Happy crafting!

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