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Ideas for Different DIY Uses of a Chalkboard Wallpaper

Ideas for Different DIY Uses of a Chalkboard Wallpaper

There are few limits to the uses of chalkboard products. You can purchase everything from labels, to paint, and even chalkboard wallpaper. Wallpapers saves you from the hassle of having to paint an entire surface. It’s also easily removable should you wish to repurpose your surface for something else. Here are some great ideas and different DIY uses of chalkboard wallpaper:


Often wedding and meeting space can limit the types and number of decorations that can be installed in the room. You can easily install your wallpaper on the wall of a ballroom. The guests can be invited to draw congratulatory messages on the wall for the happy couple. The wall can then be photographed for a permanent record. It can also be easily detached from the wall without leaving any residue behind. The couple can then install it on a wall at home.


Often there is not enough chalkboard space for a teacher. The chalkboard wallpaper can be attached to a free wall to create more space. Kids can also draw and write their ambitions on the chalkboard vinyl.

Conferences & meetings

Whiteboards aren’t fun, and often they’re still too small for the speaker to make their points. Conference speakers can install this temporary black chalkboard wallpaper onto the walls of the meeting space. This offers a better opportunity for everyone to see the points on the wall, rather than on a tiny whiteboard display. And after the meeting is over, the wallpaper can easily be removed.

Kids’ rooms

The chalkboard wallpaper can be installed in kids’ rooms since all kids love to draw on walls. The paper can cover as much or as little of the room as you want. This will give them a good reason to create art. Parents can take photos of their kids’ artwork to preserve them. When their children get older, the wallpaper can be removed from the wall.

Office brainstorming

Chalkboard wallpaper can lend an air of fun to a conservative office. Employees can draw on the wall to brainstorm ideas and see how they may work. Drawing also inspires creativity. It can be more difficult to brainstorm ideas while typing on a keyboard. Also, the ideas are up on the wall for all to see, so people can draw a thumbs up or a thumbs down on ideas. Work wallpaper can also be used to do reminders for employees about new work processes, or to simply provide inspiration. They can provide a way for employees to have fun making little drawings, or be used to decorate the office for holidays.

Once you discover you can purchase chalkboard wallpaper that works with any type of chalk, or liquid chalkboard markers, you’ll soon be thinking up ways that it can benefit your work or family. Best of all, if you don’t like what was drawn on the board, it can be simply wiped off in seconds. It’s also better for the environment, as you don’t have to throw away any notebooks.