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How To Create Vinyl Lettering Without The Use of a Machine

How To Create Vinyl Lettering Without The Use of a Machine

Vinyl lettering is fun to work with and looks really good once it’s on display. It can work with many different styles, but sometimes, there is no machine lying around to help with the lettering. Fortunately, working without a machine is easy, and doesn’t take up much time at all!

Here’s what you’ll need:

      Step 1: Printing

      First, pick out any font you want for your lettering and lay out the words.

      Then, to print the letters onto the vinyl,

      1. Cut your contact paper so it’s the same size as a standard piece of computer paper (8.5 in x 11 in).
      2. Place the contact paper into the printer so the words print onto the backing.
      3. Tune your printer settings so the words print out in a mirror image.
      4. Click print!

      The printed sheet should look something like this:

      Step 2: Cut the Letters

      Using scissors and your craft knife, cut out the letters from the printed contact paper. Use the cutting board to help with the cuts that you make with the knife. Cut the letters as precisely as you can!

      Step 3: Placing

      On your object, place some masking tape to make sure that once you place your letters, they are leveled and aligned properly. Place the tape so that the top edge of the tape is where the letters are going to rest.

      You can start by placing the middle letter first so the other letters can be centered, or start with the first or last letter to align the words to the left or right of your object. Once the letters are positioned, peel off the backing of the contact paper and begin sticking the letters onto your object. Use any extra surface, such as a credit card or your fingers, to press the letters down and get rid of any air bubbles.

      Once all of your letters are stuck on the object, remove the masking tape and go over the letters once again to avoid bubbles.

      That’s all there is to it!

      If you want have multiple cutouts that you want to transfer at once, you can use vinyl transfer tape. It will help move all the elements of your design at once, keeping the overall design looking perfect.

      This method works best with bigger fonts and thicker letters, since it’s easier to cut, but if you need to cut thinner lines, the machine wins.

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