How To Create A ‘First Day Of School’ Chalkboard

How To Create A ‘First Day Of School’ Chalkboard

Hey there, my name is Veronica from Veronica Letters and this week I'll be showing you how to make a personalized chalkboard sign for your kid's first day of school!


Materials you'll need:


diy chalkboard sign materials like chalk markers black vinyl scissors frame



Step 1

Paint your wooden frame. You can choose a solid color or any combination of colors. I wanted a rainbow gradient so I chose 6 of the main colors: yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and green. I started to paint in a corner and then proceeded to add the next color to the top, and to the right, one by one. No matter how many colors you choose, it is best to work on small sections at a time because the paint will dry quickly and you want to be able to blend it all smoothly.


acrylic painted picture frame for diy kassa chalkboard sign


Step 2

As your frame dries, roll out your chalkboard contact paper and flip it upside down. Place the backing for your frame on top to cut out the contact paper. Make sure to leave about a 1 inch border so you can fold the contact paper onto the back, giving you a seamless look all around.

kassa chalkboard vinyl wrapping around cardboard

Step 3

Peel off the back of the contact paper and place it back down, sticky side up. Place the back of your frame on top and smooth over, checking the front for any air bubbles or creases. Before folding the edges of your contact paper over, cut out small triangles at every corner. This will prevent any excess contact paper at the edges of your folds, which would prevent the back to be nice and smooth.


using the kassa chalkboard adhesive to secure cardboard to the blackboard vinyl paper


Tip: If you are repurposing a frame where the backing does not come out, you can still cover it with the chalkboard contact paper. Simply measure the height and width of the space you want to cover up and use those measurements to cut out your contact paper. Once you have it cut, slowly peel and adhere the contact paper starting in one corner instead of peeling it all off at once.

Step 4

Once your frame is dry, insert your backing to customize it! I like to work on it inside the frame because my frame takes up some of the chalkboard area and I do not want my letters to get cut off. But, feel free to use a pencil to measure a border if you prefer to letter on your chalkboard outside of the frame.


DIY first day of school chalkboard sign made with kassa chalk markers and chalkboard


I chose a few of the most common topics for a First Day of School chalkboard, but feel free to customize it to your little one’  s interests! Below are some of the most common topics to record:


____’s First Day of School
____ Grade
My Teacher is ____
I am ____ years old
Today is ____
My School is ____
I love ____
When I grow up I want to be ____
My height ____
My favorite color is ____
My favorite food is ____
Class of ____
My favorite book ____


You can add as many or as little information on the chalkboard that you desire. It’s all about customizing it for your child!

If you use this tutorial to make your own DIY creations with the Kassa fine tip chalk markers be sure tag @veronicaletters & @kassa or #kassamoment for a chance to be featured

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