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Halloween Inspired Chalkboard Banner

Halloween Inspired Chalkboard Banner

I made a quick and easy chalkboard banner for Halloween using a variety of products by Kassa. Keep reading to find out how!

Chalkboard Banner DIY

Here's what you need:

(1) Cut Letters From Chalkboard Vinyl and Kraft Board

halloween decor using chalkboard paper transfer tape chalk markers

Trace your letter template onto the chalkboard vinyl backing paper. Then cut the letters out of the chalkboard vinyl and out of the Kraft board. Just layer the two materials first then cut them at the same time. Be sure to keep everything the same size for both cuts.

(2) Transfer Chalkboard Vinyl to Kraft Board

halloween decor chalkboard vinyl blackboard markers

Use Kassa's transfer tape to attach the chalkboard fronts to the chipboard backing. This makes them nice and sturdy! The transfer tape does a great job of picking up and releasing the chalkboard vinyl. Simply line each letter up and use a card or scraper tool to burnish over the vinyl, adhering it to the Kraft board.

chalkboard decal chalk markers vinyl transfer paper

Continue this step until all letters are covered.

(3) Decorate with Chalk Markers

chalk markers on chalkboard halloween decor

Use the chalk markers to add fun details to each letter. I kept it simple with dots, stripes and squiggles but I know there are some amazing doodlers out there who could totally make these letters look awesome.

(4) Attach Letters and Hang Banner

halloween art home decoration using kassa chalkboard paper

I used a little hot glue to attach each letter to a simple black string and added a little flair to the ends with some checked ribbon. The possibilities are really endless with this project. Kassa's liquid chalk markers come in many colors so you could definitely change up the look of this project.

Happy crafting!


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