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Blended Chalk Lettering

Blended Chalk Lettering

No matter where you are and what season you’re currently experiencing, color is always a good idea. There’s nothing that requires more color than blended lettering signs! So we wanted to feature some of the brightest and most colorful blended lettering artwork created with our chalk markers.

@gofontyourself shared her blended lettering “Mi Kassa Es Su Kassa” sign. She not only had fun with the language but also with the colors. She used nearly every color in the chalk marker pack and with a little experimenting was able to create a beautiful ombre effect in every word. She works her way through each word, top down. She uses one color for the top to the middle of the word and then her second color from the middle to the bottom. To create her blended effect, she uses the natural wetness of the markers and tilts her board to easily get the color to spill into the next color. Then she lets it dry.

@lettersbyshells uses a different technique. For her blended lettering, she chooses a color as her base, then uses it to write the word. She then takes the color she wants to blend and outlines a small portion of each letter with it. We love the colors that she chose for this because she wasn’t afraid to take a risk and mix and match hers. She then blends with her accent chalk markers. Because of the naturally wetness of the marker you could also take a brush and blend the colors that way. This sign was created for a giveaway but blended lettering is perfect anytime you want to add an extra ounce of color to your decor!

Hope your month is as happy and colorful as this blended lettering ❤️

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