Batty DIY Vinyl Halloween Decorations

Batty DIY Vinyl Halloween Decorations

With Halloween just around the corner I’m putting little decorations all over the place!! Halloween is a bit different this year, so instead of putting lots of decorations outside - we’re putting more inside.

Megan here, from Lovebird Heartworks, and I’m going batty over this quick DIY made with Kassa permanent vinyl. I used this glass dome and fake candle so that the silhouettes of the bats would show on the surrounding walls, you could easily do this project and put bats or other festive images on your windows or other items around your house for a little extra touch of Halloween.

Step 1

Place your vinyl onto your cutting mat

Step 2

Cut your design 

Step 3

Weed away the negative material

Step 4

Cut out a piece of transfer tape just a little larger than your image (there is a sheet of transfer tape included in the vinyl sheet pack)

Step 5

Peel off your vinyl image with the transfer tape

Step 6

Apply your vinyl image and peel away the transfer tape. Continue steps 5 & 6 until your project is complete

I may even leave this little decoration up year-round, what do you think? If you use this tutorial to make your own DIY creations with the Kassa vinyl be sure tag @lovebird_heartworks & @kassa or #kassamoment so we can see and spread the watercolor love! 


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