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5 Different Ideas for Milestone Boards using Kassa Chalk Markers

5 Different Ideas for Milestone Boards using Kassa Chalk Markers

Milestones are important markers in everybody’s lives! Milestones come and go, but they are important to celebrate, and what better way is there to do that when you have chalk markers on you? Creating chalkboard milestone boards is a creative way to celebrate anything, and it’s a great way to express achievements. Creating milestone boards allows you to express your creative side and let everybody celebrate with you. Below are a few different milestone boards ideas so your next party can be full of color: 

The first thing you can do is create milestone boards to celebrate a first birthday. Chalkboards can be decorated with chalk markers to mark important events leading up to the child’s birthday. The board can be decorated with “firsts” such as first words, first laughs, or first steps. Be creative! You can even include some “loves” in there, such as animals, toys, or activities. Make their first birthday memorable!                                               

Birthday Party Milestone Chalkboard using Kassa Chalk Markers

Milestone boards can be when a person begins working at a new job. If someone starts over with their career, that is an important time in their life, and a milestone board can really commemorate the occasion. The boards can be used to congratulate the person on the new job, making this new step in their life more colorful and little-bit less stressful :) 
Another use for milestone boards is graduation. Graduations celebrate old endings and new beginnings, and chalkboard milestone boards can help with that. The boards can be made in time for a graduation party or just as a sign to declare that you’re finally graduating! 

Graduation Milestone Board Using Kassa Chalk Markers

Getting married is an important milestone for many people. Boards can be created as decoration for a wedding. They can be decorated with white chalk markers that state facts such as when the couple first got together, when they got engaged, and of course, their wedding date!

Relationship Milestone Board using Kassa Chalk Markers

One other important milestone in a person’s life is announcing that a child is on the way. Milestone boards are a fun and easy way to announce a pregnancy, or they can be used as signs during a baby shower.

    Milestone boards are fun to create and remember, these boards are yours, so get as creative as you can be!

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