Laundry Wash Bags


The Delicates Wash Bag guarantees protection for your garments, delicates and intimates. These Delicates Laundry Bags help avoid stretched straps, snags, and damaging other clothing with loose bra hooks. Additionally, they ensure that lost socks will no longer be a problem.

The zipper on the lingerie bag is plastic, therefore rustless, and there is a zipper holder on the bag which will prevent the wash bags from opening up during washing. Simply place your delicates inside the bags, and zip it closed. Now you are ready to wash your garments with premium protection.

The measurements are 3 Large (12″ x 15″) & 2 XL (16″ x 19″) laundry wash bags. Includes 3 white bags and 2 black bags, for light and dark garments.