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Kassa strives on exceptional customer service, and this can be seen through
our seller reviews on our primary sales channels, Amazon and Walmart.

The Values of Kassa

Kassa’s ideology expands to much more than just providing high-quality goods and making sure that customers are satisfied. Our company is socially responsible and has the following fundamental values: philanthropy, a green environment, and viewing our team as our family. Our daily operations are integrity-driven by ensuring that we follow a code of ethical conduct.

Our philosophy since the beginning was to make the world a greener place. We make sure that all our materials are eco-friendly, easily recyclable, and non-toxic. We meticulously monitor our production procedures and standards to make sure they follow our green-friendly outlook.

Kassa is supportive of non-profit organizations, and we are always open to donating to positive causes that we believe in. Matching employee’s contributions to causes they believe in and weekly meetings of choosing which charities to support are just some aspects of our philanthropy.

The core of every company is its team. Empowering and trusting our team is the way we handle our daily business operations. Kassa is not just a brand name, it’s the combination of the people that help it grow and thrive every day.

The Founders
  • Boris Ermis
    Chief Operating Officer
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    Chief Operating Officer
    Boris Ermis

    Since starting a small tutoring business at 14 years-old, Boris was always an entrepreneurship-driven individual. In order to better understand the philosophy and strategy behind retail, Boris managed a Verizon Wireless store and worked as a Budget Analyst during and after his college days. Now, Boris’ everyday responsibilities include an oversight of Kassa’s operations and managing the team.

  • Eugene Pepsh
    Chief Marketing Officer
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    Chief Marketing Officer
    Eugene Pepsh

    Eugene has always had a passion for creativity and brand-image. After over 10 years of experience in the retail merchandising, management, and marketing space for multiple fortune 500 companies, Eugene was ready to built his own brand from scratch. Now, Eugene’s everyday responsibilities include managing the marketing and brand development of Kassa.

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